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Nuclear Union is a role-playing game set in a postapocalyptic climates. It is a production of the Ukrainian Studies Best Way. This team is well-known to fans of war games through such titles as Soldiers: A Few Good Men, Faces of War Faces of War and Men of War.
The action takes place in an alternate vision of the year 2012. In this reality, the Cuban crisis ended in nuclear war that wiped out most of the human population. To make matters worse, almost all of the planet has been heavily irradiated. However, the Soviet Union was ready for this disaster. Before the outbreak of the conflict were evacuated to a huge number of special underground bunkers. In their interiors survivors spent the next few decades. Ultimately, however, it was decided to return to the surface and rebuild civilization. Players take on the pilot, who was involved in the bombing of the United States in 1962. At the start of the game character has so about 70 years.
nuclear-union-9 Nuclear Union is a role-playing game. The fun starts by identifying possible character. The hero is described by a series of numbers and letters skill characteristics. As you progress in the campaign gaining experience points, which can then spend on the development of the protagonist controlled by us. Gameplay consists mainly of exploring the virtual world, completing missions and collecting items. During the adventures we encounter not only survivors, but also animals, which as a result of radiation is transformed into bloodthirsty mutants.
nuclear-union-6 The combat system is played in real time and combines RPG elements with aspects of the arcade. Observe the action from behind a shoulder, and shooting requires good accuracy. At the same time a system of GATS, which allows for a brief moment and calmly release time przycelować a specific enemy body parts and each hit a spectacular rewards zoom camera. Fun enrich sections skradankowe and puzzles.




Name: Nuclear Union (PC)
Version: New
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Note: While the crack works fine without, we recommend adding the -offline
parameter to your game shortcut, to omit menu items that are not available

Nuclear Union (PC) (2013) SkiDrow

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