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Mortal Kombat is the next edition of the iconic fighting game series, known for its extreme brutality, vivid characters and bloody finish called Fatalities. Deweloping responsible for the team’s Netherrealm Studios (formerly Warner Bros. Games Chicago), managed by the originator brand, Ed Boon.
In Mortal Kombat emphasis on brutality and intransigence. Fights are not only dynamic but also very bloody, which for fans of the series is certainly a great asset. In terms of gameplay mechanics, new Mortal Kombat is a modernized version of the old, two-dimensional views of the series. This means that the struggle, although shown in three dimensions, are held in a 2D space. In this way the artist wanted to associate with the modern classics. The latter is also represented by a completely new graphics engine designed specifically for the new Mortal Kombat.
mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-9 With innovations that were included in the work of Netherrealm Studios, it is worth mentioning two game modes: Story Mode (which is not only a mediocre addition, a full-fledged part), and Tag Team. In the case of the latter, of course doubles teams battle – the game network, this means the opportunity to participate in the fight against up to four players simultaneously. The multiplayer mode Mortal Kombat buyer may also participate in the classic battle 1-on-1 (on or offline) and the Co-op mode, Arcade Mode. Another novelty is the challenge mode, the game in which the characters must deal with specific tasks, such as: defeat hordes of invading zombies per player, or just to win the fight by doing special moves. Complementing this are various mini-games for all the heroes of the game.
mortal-kombat-komplete-edition-8 Innovation in the series is also the X-ray is used to derive special, extremely violent attacks. It is based on a split into three parts, the energy bar is loaded by receiving damage and inflict special moves. After charging bar sequence we can make a powerful impact. Each player has a unique combination of X-ray. In the game there were many well-known and popular characters. The player can incorporate such in: Raiden, Shao Kahn, Johnny Cage, Reptile’a, Nightwolf, Mileena, Kung Lao, Sector and Sub-Zero.




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Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition [PC]

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